Feeling lousy about your finances isn’t doing you and good and it may be doing your wallet harm

A negative attitude about finances can make you more likely to overspend, take out unneeded payday loans, and make other bad financial decisions. When you are happy with your finances and calm, you can make better, rational decisions. Here’s how to improve your money attitude, no matter what your finances are like right now.

Keep a larger bill in your wallet. A one hundred dollar bill can make you feel better about your finances by making you feel wealthier and more abundant, but since you are unlikely to break this bill, you won’t spend it so quick.

Compare. When you start to feel depressed about those signature loans or credit card bills, consider how lucky you are to live where you do and to have the financial opportunities and options you have. Most of the world does not have it so good.

Do the math. How much have you earned this year? Based on that, how much will you earn in a lifetime? This number is probably much larger than you think and should make you feel instantly better.

Make a few positive changes and reward yourself. Make three small changes today and then do something nice for yourself. Maybe you can earn some extra cash by selling some of your clutter away. Maybe you can put a few dollars into your emergency fund or start investing in CDs. Small changes are easy to implement and make you feel great.

Write down everything you are happy about and are grateful about. Keep this list for when you feel down.

Give yourself a break for mistakes. Maybe you only qualify for bad credit loans for a while because of some mistakes you have made. Maybe your credit card balance is not paid off this month. Give yourself a break and focus on fixing your mistakes – not fixating on them.






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